The overall goal of the UT SAGE program is to integrate geriatrics content into all 4 years of the medical school curriculum. We would like all UT Southwestern medical students to attain all 26 AAMC Minimum Geriatrics Competencies by graduation.

Over the course of the year, Clerkship students have the following experiences:

  1. Sprinkled throughout the Clerkship lectures: In all blocks, you will be learning about many diseases that are common in aging for which a fundamental understanding will be key as we build upon this knowledge in the 3rd year of medical school
  2. Exploration of Geriatric Medicine
    Faculty Coordinator: Namirah Jamshed, MD  
    Length: 2 weeks  
    Prerequisites: Completion of Pre-Clerkship curriculum  
    Course Description: This is a 2 week introductory course enabling the student to explore the medical specialty/discipline of geriatrics. The student will learn about the scope of practice, frequently encountered pathology/diagnoses, and specialty specific diagnostic procedures. The purpose of the course is to allow the student the opportunity to explore a career in the specialty, and/or to acquire knowledge in the specialty regarding appropriate referrals, consults, etc. relevant to future career plans.