The overall goal of the UT SAGE program is to integrate geriatrics content into all 4 years of the medical school curriculum. We would like all UT Southwestern medical students to attain all 26 AAMC Minimum Geriatrics Competencies by graduation.

Over the course of the year, Pre-Clerkship students have the following experiences:

  1. Pre-Clerkship Colleges
  2. Academic Colleges: Nursing Home/Assisted Living facility visit (1/2 day during the Clerkship Academic Colleges)
  3. Geriatric Medicine Lectures:
    • Atypical Presentation of Illness by Dr. Vivyenne Roche
    • Clinical Approach to Geriatrics by Dr. Vivyenne Roche
    • Sarcopenia, Frailty and Falls by Dr. Thomas Dalton
  4. AGE H&P Tips: During the Pre-Clerkship Colleges, you will see SAGE Tips during many sessions. If you'd like to review them all in one place, click this link. The SAGE Tips teach pointers on doing a physical exam and taking a history in older patients, linked to that week's Colleges session.
  5. Senior Mentor Session: Students have one Colleges session dedicated to spending time with a vibrant, community-dwelling senior who exemplifies successful aging.