Sage Scholars

2009-2012 SAGE Scholars

To encourage the development of surgical specialty and IM subspecialty geriatrics educational materials, the Reynolds-UT SAGE grant provided funds for 3 faculty each year between 2009-2012. These SAGE scholars were identified through a competitive process.

SAGE Scholars - 2012

"Evaluation and Management of Late-Life Psychosis"
Project: A self-directed, web-based, interactive educational module that teaches medical students and residents how to recognize, evaluate, and treat psychosis in older adults through didactic information, clinical vignettes, and videos.

Mary "Molly" Camp, MD, Principal Investigator
Mary Ellen Bret, MD, Co-Investigator
Department of Psychiatry

"My Aching Back: An Approach to the Evaluation and Management of Back Pain in Older Adults: A Web-based Interactive Educational Module
Project: A self-directed, web-based, interactive educational module addressing the evaluation and management of back pain in older adult. Module includes epidemiology, diagnosis, pharmacological/non-pharmacological managment, and clinical vignettes.

Una E. Makris, MD, Principal Investigator
Section of Rheumatic Disorders

SAGE Scholars - 2011

"Cognitive Assessment in Normal, Mildly Impaired, and Demented Elderly"
Project: An interactive video module to increase comfort and understanding of the tools used in evaluation and treatment of cognitive disorders. The module will be available to our medical students, primary care residents, subspecialty residents and fellows. It will also be placed on POGOe for wider distribution.

Mary Quiceno, MD, Principal Investigator
Department of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics

"Degenerative Aortic Stenosis"
Project: An interactive computer module about aortic stenosis that allows the housestaff to have a standardized, teaching method that covers multiple components of the disease.

Melanie Sulistio, MD, Principal Investigator
Division of Cardiology

"Gait Disorders in the Elderly"
Project: An interactive video module to improve the awareness of various geriatric gait disorders as well as to teach learners how to recognize the normal patterns of gait in the elderly. As such, this module will help to improve evaluation & timely detection of gait problems.

Richard Dewey, MD, Principal Investigator
Shilpa Chitnis, MD, Co-Principal Investigator
Cherian Abraham-Karunapuzha, MD, Co-Principal Investigator
Section of Movement Disorders

SAGE Scholars - 2010

"The Evaluation and Management of Urinary Incontinence in the Elderly: An Interactive Web-Based Curriculum for Medical Students"
Project: A comprehensive core curriculum on UI in the elderly. After completion of the program, medical students will have been trained in the basic evaluation and treatment of UI in the elderly.

Philippe Zimmern, MD, Principal Investigator
Department of Urology

"Utilization of Geriatric Assessment Tools in Ambulatory Care Setting for Improving the Quality of Patient Care Provided by the Resident Trainees"
Project: The project aims to incorporate several validated geriatric assessment tools (falls risk assessment, pain assessment, geriatric depression screening, Get up and go test, urinary incontinence screen etc.) in the evaluation of patients aged 75 years or older as part of their initial outpatient assessment, formulating a treatment plan using available resources and assessing patient satisfaction by a questionnaire survey sent to the patients at the end of the year.

Sujata Bhushan, MD, Principal Investigator
General Internal Medicine, VA Medical Center

SAGE Scholars - 2009

"An Ambulatory Geriatrics Education Program for ObGyn Residents"
Project: A coordinated series of training modules for ObGyn residents in ambulatory geriatric care of the gynecologic patient.

Mary Jane Pearson, MD, Principal Investigator
Irwin Kerber, MD, Co-Principal Investigator
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

"Development of a Web-based Interactive Educational Module to Expand Training on Normal Tissue Aging in the Medical School Curriculum"
Project: A series of interactive modules in which aging-related changes relating to anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology as well as cell biology and histology are demonstrated.

Judith Head, PhD, Principal Investigator
Department of Cell Biology

"Numb and Number: Peripheral Neuropathy in the Elderly"
Project: A learning module with a clinically relevant summary of the structure and function of the peripheral and autonomic nervous systems and the mechanisms by which they may become impaired. The module includes vignettes to illustrate commonly encountered geriatric clinical scenarios.

Mike Singer, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator
Department of Neurology